Trening centre

Maxi supermarkets are the only retail chain in the country and region that has developed a training system for its stuff.

Training Centre was formed on 30th January 2004 in the business building of Delta M Distributive Centre, in Bezanijska kosa. Since then, the process of training, which takes place in purposefully equipped cabinets, has significantly contributed to the improvement of services in our stores.

The stuff training is carried out in four steps, according to a standardised procedure:

1 Theoretical training – Initial training (in a classroom, where new employees are familiarised with the company's functioning, communication channels, organisational pattern, rules of work, code of behaviour, technical characteristics of the facilities, procedures for each job position…)

2 Practical training (acquiring practical knowledge and skills needed for a particular job position – familiarising with the cash register, assortment, deliverers, arrangement and storage of goods…)

3 Evaluation of the acquired knowledge

4 Renewal and consolidation of the existing knowledge

The Training Centre has two well-equipped classrooms for the requirements of theoretical training, three specialised classrooms with 25 computers used in the program of practical training and a room for the simulation of work activities.

Theoretical training includes a large number of various courses that develop and improve capacities, knowledge and skills of the employees. The objective of initial training is to familiarise the newly employed with the company's work rules and procedures and enable their fast integration into the system.

The purpose of refresher trainings is to maintain and improve the quality of services in retail facilities.

"Maxi Academy for Store Managers" is a specialised refresher seminar composed of intensive, eight-day annual trainings in the classroom. This seminar was launched in 2006.

Practical training is carried out according to a plan. Its objective is to incapacitate the employees to use various programme applications relevant to retail trade. Manuals for this programme have been developed in the Training Centre. In the room for simulation of work activities, attendants are mastering practical retail trade skills. In this way, they are gradually learning all they need to know about the company and its way of functioning, and getting used to their future tasks in the supermarket. They have many opportunities to correct their errors and to exercise.

As Maxi retail facilities widen and develop, the Training Centre has organised trainings in the workplace for newly employed cashiers, warehouse workers, butchers, salespersons in bakery, delicatessen and grocery sector. Each supermarket has a certain number of trainers who are trained to instruct their colleagues.

In 2004 each employee spent an average of three days in the classroom.

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